Thesis Editing

Erudite Scribe is a Writing Editing and Publishing business providing thesis editing services.  We are skilled at assisting authors for whom English is a second language.  Our ESL (English as a Second Language) thesis editing services are set to the scholarly and scientific standards of expression necessary to bring the work of doctoral candidates to successful examination.  While rates for ESL editing start at $300 for academic papers up to 3000 words, rates for ESL Editing of full length academic theses will vary according to word count, standard of English language expression prior to editing, and according to complexity.  A proportionate rate applies for most briefer documents, increasing by $150 increments for each 1500 words up to 12000 words.  To obtain a quote for this service for a dissertation chapter or a full length thesis, please send the text in full, as a word file.

We edit honours, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral theses and dissertations.  Our rates for such a service, when specialised ESL Editing is not requried, range from $50-$60 per hour for copy editing, $60-$80 dollars per hour for structural editing; and $70-$90 per hour when specialised technical knowledge and services are required.

We are also able to provide a service translating research theses and dissertations in to monographs publishable as books.  We can work towards publication of doctoral theses as monographs within a year of successful examination. We offer electronic publication as well as paper publication to academic authors who are able to access funding to sustain such projects.  We can also enter into partnerships to publish and distribute electronic textbooks. These services are available to authors who can fund the production costs of 120 or more electronic or paper copies.  The average cost to the author for production of a book from a post-examination manuscript of 60000 to 80000 words in length is approximately $5000.  Technical complexity, colour plates, specialised diagrams and other design issues may add to that cost.  Erudite Scribe can provide cost estimates, provide the editing and manage the provision of all of these services as a seamless, efficient one-stop project shop.  Electronic publication and distribution can be arranged via partnerships with e-publishing companies such as e-Content Management.

Academic life for postgraduate researchers can be busy and fraught with conflicting demands from undergraduates, supervisors, administrators, senior faculty members and peer researchers.  These demands can build to impossible levels at which personal life, teaching, writing and research may suffer.  The pressure to publish, present, finish the thesis and pass examination mounts, and the time for each and all of these vital activities seems to shrink daily by immeasurable but cumulative fractions.  Consult Erudite Scribe today to discuss how our thesis editing service can contribute to easing your burden and enhancing your chances of success in writing for examination and publication.