Manuscript Evaluation

Erudite Scribe offers manuscript evaluation service to those seeking to submit manuscripts for publication.

St Paul Dictates his manuscript to Tertius, the Erudite ScribeWe are not currently accepting unsolicited poetry and fiction manuscripts, but we will evaluate them and advise on necessary editing and potential avenues for publication.  We are able to refer suitable manuscripts to other publishers specialising in publishing creative writing.  We are able to advise on potential markets and strategy. Some manuscripts may be suitable for submission to competitions that offer royalty contracts as well as cash prizes. Writers seeking to enhance their chances of success in this arena may choose to take up the opportunity to engage us to collaboratively edit the work prior to submission.  We can also provide ongoing workshops and consultation to that end.  We edit creative manuscripts and provide opportunities for participation in poetry and fiction editing workshops.

We do academic and professional manuscript evaluation of works  including theses, textbooks and monographs. We can advise on project viability, markets and likely costings prior to entering into an agreement to edit and publish such non-fiction manuscripts on an author funded basis.  We can manage such projects, in collaboration with electronic publishers and distributors such as eContent Management.

Manuscript Evaluation Rates

For a brief report, we charge $399.  For a comprehensive report, including preliminary advise on structural editing, potential for publication, markets and strategy, with referral when appropriate, we charge $599 for manuscript evaluation of up to 10000 words and an additional $150 for each 10000 words thereafter.  Preliminary consultation is provided free of charge, and these fees are subsumed in the overall project costs for academic and professional publishing projects on which we are engaged on an author funded basis.  Those authors who are not publishing with us, but who choose to take up recommendations to use our service for further editing, will be billed for that additional service at our hourly rates, negotiated according to complexity and type of editing required.  Special rates apply for ESL (English as a Second Language) Editing to scholarly and scientific standards.