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Erudite Scribe provides a wide range of editorial services, including freelance editing of articles, papers, and manuscripts. We edit books for publishing houses, government and non-government agencies, educational institutions and self-publishing authors. We edit in all academic and professional fields, including fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, educational texts and popular culture. We are able to edit the structure of manuscripts, academic papers, theses and dissertations. Academic editing is our specialty, including research monographs, preparation of papers for submission to scholarly journals, and translation of  master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral theses and dissertions into publishable books.  We are able to manage professional journals, and we work in partnership with electronic publishers and distributors to enhance this end of our service, including eContent Management www.e-contentmanagement.com/.   Our principal editor offers consultation and project management services, as well as editing workshops for creative and professional writers, including poets, writers of fiction and academic authors. Our service is client-focused, flexible, responsive, fast and efficient.  Please refer the individual pages for each of these specific editorial services.

Authors need Erudite Scribe Editing Service

Self-editing can be frustrating


Self-editing is a necessary task in the preparation of any manuscript, but it can be a frustrating one, and is best complemented by consultation with a professional editor, especially when deadlines are closing in, projects need to be efficiently completed, and the stakes are high.  Erudite Scribe provides editorial services that save time and worry, help writer’s over blocks with respect to structure and content, and result in a professional text of high quality.




  • Copy Editing $50-$60 per hour
  • Structural Editing $60-$80 per hour
  • Complex Technical Editing $70-$90 per hour
  • ESL Editing (Services to authors with English as a second language) rates are tabulated on the ESL Editing page.