vanTo Catch the Light


Vanessa Kirkpatrick



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Vanessa Kirkpatrick’s To Catch the Light was published by Fence Post Press as the winner of the John Knight Memorial Poetry Manuscript Prize in 2013 and has been commended in the Victorian FAW Ann Elder Award for a first collection of poetry.  Kirkpatrick transforms a camer flash glancing off lichens at Lady Darley’s Lookout to a revelation of that wild irregular perection for which we all petition the gods, in the hope that we, too, may catch the light.


Old Time Religion and Other Poems by Andrew Leggett

Australian poetry



Andrew Leggett


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Andrew Leggett’s poetry embraces the sacred and profane with insight, irreverence, compassion and humour. No subject is too sacred to be brought down and interrogated under a brittle light. Playing with form, he is as skilful in rap as in variations on the Petrarchan sonnet. He shifts smoothly from personal narratives into voices unconstrained by species, gender or fashion. Old Time Religion celebrates our fallen state, with grief at our losses, and awe at our capacity to endure and love. Bridging the world of dreams and the conflicts of everyday life, he is truly a poet for the New Millennium.

‘His wordscapes illuminate a tragi-comic world of flesh and spirit, singing of transcendance…with sidetrips into the macabre..suberting normality with heart and humour.’  Phil Brown, The Courier Mail

Dark Husk of Beauty by Andrew LeggettAustralian Poetry


Dark Husk of Beauty


Andrew Leggett


RPR A$ 24.00 incl GST and postage

Highly Commended, Arts Queensland Thomas Schapcott Award 2005.

Commended, Best Poetry, IP Picks 2006.

Andrew Leggett’s second collection is stark, bare and unforgettable. In these interconnecting poems, by equal measure serious and darkly comic, the ugly is united with the beautiful to produce a unique aesthetic.

Popular culture provides the surreal framework for the author’s meditations on death, loss and loneliness, creating a moving overture to playfully grim explorations into religion and the afterlife.

 ‘A wild ride of angels, monsters, slapstick and pop. In this not so divine comedy actress Isabella Rossellini becomes Leggett’s postmodern Beatrice.  A book that begins and end with angels and recalls the spirit of Yeats’ Crazy Jane:  “For nothing can be sole or whole

        That has not been rent.”‘                Craig Powell

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