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All the latest news on writing editing and publishing flows to you on this blog site, direct from the keyboard of Erudite Scribe, a font of wisdom, industry know-how and inside information bubbling up to slake the thirst of creative, academic and professional writers who come to our site seeking writing editing and publishing services and find, not the lost hordes of El Dorado, nor the Fountain of Youth, but instead, the wit, the charm, the glamour, the scintilliating logorrhoea of our Erudite Scribe.  Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions, so that they may sit as flat and ugly stones rumbling at the bottom of this sacred well, when our sybilline St Brigid dips her stiletto calloused feet and turns on the spa jets.

Here we trust that you will find not what the great poet Zbigniew Herbert, in his Episode in a Library, has described as ‘accents over nothingness and dust’, but instead, immersed in the acid from those stones of your response, a progression towards the muse’s pediments as objet petit a, a point at which the waters of this well become

a small dead sea


slowly the water fills

the shapes of feet which have vanished


Zbigniew Herbert – Episode



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