Academic Writing Tutorials


Erudite Scribe is a Writing Editing and Publishing business providing services to academic and professional authors.  We are skilled at assisting authors for whom English is a second language.  We are able to assist students and postgraduate researchers develop academic writing skills in English to scholarly and scientific standards.  Academic life can be busy and fraught with conflicting demands for students, postgraduate researchers and faculty.  These demands can build to impossible levels at which personal life, research and academic performance may suffer.  For undergraduates, a high level of compentency in academic writing is necessary to complete high quality assignments.  For postgraduate researchers and faculty, the pressure to publish mounts. The time for each and all of these vital activities seems to shrink daily by immeasurable but cumulative fractions, especially as the end of each semester approaches.  Consult Erudite Scribe today to discuss who we can contribute to easing your burden and enhancing your chances of success writing assignments, and in preparing research papers and monographs for publication.

For students and postgraduate researchers, development of high level academic writing skills is vital.  Erudite Scribe offers individual academic writing tutorials and consultation at $120 per hour.  Tutorial groups for 2 or 3 students are $60 per hour for each participant, and for 4 to 5 students, the rate is $30 each per hour.